Rock Documented recently had the chance to interview Jordan Griffin from Them Evils about their new single, “OVRDRVE” and other random stuff.
When we connected with Jordan, he was drinking his daily coffee. Apparently, he drinks a lot of coffee…. a pot a day!

We talked about what the band has been up to during Covid, which is quite a lot. They have been getting their proverbial house in order. Handling business and charting a course for where they want to go which is straight to the top. They have released four singles (“Pour Out Another One,” “Where Ya Gonna Crash Tonight,” “Coattails,” and “OVRDRVE”), performed a live stream, and worked on video material to support their next unreleased tune- to name a few.

On the most recent tune, “OVRDRVE, they worked with Kevin “Thrasher” Gruft from Escape the Fate and producer Jim Kaufman (Danny Worsnop and Black Veil Brides). All the new singles mentioned have a modern flare combined with the classic rock feel Them Evils is known for.

“OVRDRVE,” the latest release, is a fresh, no nonsense rock and roll song with a groovy beat and grinding riffs fitting for any road trip. According to Jordan, it’s about coming to California/LA, being part of “the” scene with that feeling of “Wow, I did it”, hustling, doing the rock star thing and making a name for yourself so you don’t have to do the normal shit everyone else does. The message here is that the band is just hitting their stride and they have shifted into “OVRDRVE” for the next level. Get out of their way because after hearing their latest tunes, I have no doubt they are going to get there.

As part of their strategy to keep fans wanting more, the band has been releasing singles on an intermittent schedule of every 6-8 weeks instead of an EP or full-length album. In today’s society where attention spans are very short, this makes perfect sense.

One random topic of conversation included, where does Them Evils get their fashion inspiration? Do they have a stylist, or do they just hit up the thrift store since their band photos have them looking so rock star rageous? Jordan said they considered the greatest bands in rock and roll (ex. AC/DC/Aerosmith) and took their cue. Got to dress like a rock star to be a rock star.

We also learned that Jordan’s secret musical guilty pleasure is anything by Nelly. Can you imagine busting out to, it’s getting “Hot in Here” with him on the tour bus. He also likes gangster rap. It keeps him going while on those long road trips.

What was impressive about Jordan was his confidence and swagger. He is amped up for all the new music that the band is putting out. He is ready for Them Evils to take over the world. When asked what he wanted the fans to know, he shared that he wanted everyone to know they are still around, Covid didn’t stop them, they are still writing and recording, they can’t wait to get out on the road, they have a lot of life, and they are not fucking around!

Them Evils will be playing their first show in almost 2 years this weekend at the Wayfarer in their local Southern California playground. In addition, they have a show in Vegas/Count Vampd on August 7th and their first scheduled festival (Rebel Rock) in Florida in the Fall. Check them out on their socials, they have lots of new stuff to take us into “OVRDRVE”!

Connect with Them Evils on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and TikTok @Themevils

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