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Get yourself ready!  Blacktop Mojo has dropped their latest endeavor.  The EP, Static is a compilation of four new songs which really show the emotional and contemplative side of the band.  With this release, the Texas Quintet has generated the follow up to their 2019 critically acclaimed 2019 Under the Sun.

The first track, “The End”, is accompanied by a lyric video which fully illustrates the band’s writing talents.  Matt James’ voice is crisp and gritty.  It is a perfect example of the band’s signature groovy Southern Rock with tight riffs from the guitar team.

Next up, “Watch Me Drown” also has a lyric video. This one is a bit slower with building crescendos that make you want to sway along to the tune.  When you dissect the song it is very haunting.  The idea that a person can see someone in need and not help them paints a grim visual.

“Leave it Alone” adds some bursting slide guitar solos to compliment that talents of the rhythm section.  Here we have another tune that causes us to think and feel along with the heavy weight of our moody character who is holding on to their pain and rage.  Powerful indeed.

Finally, “Signals Gone” ends this short collection with silky smooth acoustic guitar riffs to accompany James’ intense vocals of sadness.  The ballad trails off into the corners of the listener’s imagination about how “Time makes fools of us all”.

Overall, this collection was different than I expected, in part because I have seen Blacktop Mojo live with powerful energy.  I was expecting something a little more rockin’ and groovin’.  It was really a pleasant surprise to see their softer side.  The more the album sank into to my brain, the more it made sense to me.  It really is a perfect release for this time we are in.  2020 will be a year for many to slow down and contemplate.  Blacktop Mojo helps us get there a little quicker.

Blacktop Mojo is:

Matt James-Vocals 

Nathan Gillis-Drums 

Ryan Kiefer-Lead Guitar 

Matt Curtis-Bass 

Chuck Werfer-Guitar

Heavy and Metal have been my preferred genre as long as I can remember. Lucky for me I live in the LA area where lots of bands start their career playing at such world famous venues as the Whiskey and the Roxy. I often visit those venues to check out new and sometimes not so new bands. I have been known to travel to festivals all over the US to spend time with my rock and roll family. Music is my addiction and I will go far and often to get my fix.

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