As a resident of Pennsylvania’s Lehigh Valley region, this is a real privilege to review Another Day Dawns latest music, the EP Stranger

Hailing from scenic Lehighton, Pennsylvania, Another Day Dawns was originally formed in 2010 by drummer Nick McGeehan and guitarist Tyler Ritter. The addition of front man Dakota McGeehan & his one-of-a-kind vocals have turned this band into a household name and the pride of Lehigh Valley’s rock music scene. The trio have quickly gained exposure and experience by supporting acts such as Avatar, Buckcherry, Hinder, Cold, and many others.

Propelled by their tour with Hinder, Another Day Dawns saw their last album, A Different Life hit No. 10 on Billboard’s Lehigh Valley Region Heatseekers chart. This achievement made them the first Pennsylvania act from the Northeast PA to hit that chart and the first in 50 years to hit any Billboard chart.

The five-track EP starts off with “Beautiful Suicide,” a great choice to open with, as everything about this song is BIG! Huge power chords, big beautiful verses that build to a massive chorus. You have to hit replay on this one several times. The payoff will squeeze your chest like a heart attack. Sick song!

“Am I” feels like a radio ready hit. I love how this song flows lyrically. It speaks volumes to the songwriter’s skills.

The next two songs are a lot more laid-back than the first two tracks, “Taste of Heaven” and “Never Okay” give you a surprising release from the heaviness of the previous songs. They definitely show the range of this band and the stripped-down power of Dakota McGeehan’s vocals. 

The EP ends with “Forget Me Not” which sounds quite a bit like Metallica, including the best power growl I ever heard.

Of course, I love this band because they are local to me, heck, I buy my groceries at Wally-World in Lehighton, but more than that, I love them for their talent. Check out some of their YouTube videos and you’ll quickly understand that these young men have a promising future ahead of them. Download this EP soon…you won’t be disappointed!Another Day Dawns very brightly indeed!

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