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Welcome to the South- South England that is.  The Other Side by Matt Long and the Revenant Ones takes you straight to that feel of Southern rock with their debut album.  TO be released on July 16, 2021, this impressive compilation features nine nuggets of juicy goodness.  Unfortunately, the pandemic held up our opportunity to be exposed to this team of rockers because the idea of releasing without a tour was a no go for the boys in the band.  Matt Long plays guitar and handles the vocals with support from Adam Pyke on bass and Kev Hickman on drums.

Some may know Matt from his British blues band, Catfish.  This band, Matt Long and The Revenant Ones, allows him to show off his song writing talents and musicianship.  With him from Catfish is Adam.  Kev is also recognizable as the ex-RavenEye drummer.  So, what do you get from all this experience?  A riff-packed, gritty, Southern rock, jam-infused album that draws you into every track like a mystery novel.

The track listing starts with their first singe, “So,” and ends with “Across the Borderline.”  Both of which are over 7 minutes long and highlight Matt’s story telling ability.  The song “With My Own Eyes” is also over 7 minutes.  It is fascinating that they are not afraid to delve into their subject matter for as long as it needs to, pushing aside the “typical” three-minute song.  These three have a hauntingly soulful and, at times, psychedelic feel.

“Have My Say” is the second release from the album.  This one is a fast grinder that is so much fun it is over before you know it.  In May, they released “Feel Like A Saint” with an accompanying video.  This video is representative of what you get with Matt Long and the Revenant Ones, no nonsense rock and roll without a filter.

A standout track is “Wild Animal.” it is playful and entertaining.  It has a fast beat that blends drums and guitar into a hard and fast tune that is sexy as hell. According to their Facebook page, they will be doing a record release show at The Harlington in the U.K. on July 16th.  This is understandably a big show for them after many delays.  Hopefully they will be able to travel soon to perform a show in your neighborhood.

Album Track Listing:

1. So

2. Have My Say

3. Stone Bones

4. Dark And Lonely Room

5. Take It All

6. Wild Animal

7. With My Own Eyes

8. Feel Like A Saint

9. Across The Borderline

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Heavy and Metal have been my preferred genre as long as I can remember. Lucky for me I live in the LA area where lots of bands start their career playing at such world famous venues as the Whiskey and the Roxy. I often visit those venues to check out new and sometimes not so new bands. I have been known to travel to festivals all over the US to spend time with my rock and roll family. Music is my addiction and I will go far and often to get my fix.

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