Loser Delusions is the third full length album released by the stoner rockers, Black Mastiff. These friends have been playing music together for almost ten years. Clay Shea (Bass), Allan Harding (Drums), and Bob Yiannakoulias (Guitar/ Vocals). 

Loser Delusions, is a follow-up from their 2015 strong release Music Machine. I really enjoyed Music Machine, and was hoping for another solid outing in Loser Delusions. I was mildly disappointed that this release didn’t have the same “jam” feel to it. The songs are a bit shorter and without the same dramatic feel. My guess would be, that as happens with most jam bands, they have trouble recreating their studio sound when on tour. If that is the case, then I applaud and respect these guys for learning and adapting. This LP has a feel to it that they should be able to more easily repeat on the road. I thoroughly enjoyed the sound and structure of this album. At times it feels like Yiannakoulias is channeling his inner Ozzy Osbourne/Robert Plant hybrid. His vocals are unique sounding but also very clear. I can understand every word. The guitar riffs are memorable and a few of the choruses are quite catchy. “A Tangle” has a particularly neat riff with a beguiling wail. “Other Kinds” has an uncommon, interesting tempo that is very pleasant to the ear. “Spastic Rhythms” and “Star Base 77” have a quirky downbeat that make them two of the best tracks on here. The final track, “Stranger”, is so good that I was longing for the extended jam version. 

If this is the first Black Mastiff LP that you listen to, you will think this is a solid record, and a good representation of the stoner rock genre. However, if you are a fan of their release from 4 years ago, then you may feel that Loser Delusions is missing that extra spark that made Music Machine so enjoyable. 

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