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Uncured // Lovedrafts // 5/30/2023

Uncured’s performance at Lovedraft’s Brewing Company on May 30th, 2023, was an electrifying experience that left the audience in awe. The metal band, consisting of the talented Cox brothers, Rex & Zak, along with drummer “King Z” Zachary King and bassist Betto Andrade delivered a powerhouse performance that showcased their exceptional musicianship and unmatched stage presence.

Kicking off the night with their signature ferocity, Uncured instantly captivated the crowd by unleashing a barrage of heavy riffs and thunderous drums. One of the highlights of the night was their performance of “Let’s Break Out,” a relentless onslaught of technicality and aggression. The brothers’ intricate guitar harmonies were furious and executed flawlessly, drawing cheers and fists from the captivated audience. The intensity displayed by Uncured on this song was truly impressive.

Another standout moment was when they performed their latest single “Fight This War.” This performance showcased the band’s ability to seamlessly transition between melodic passages and bone-crushing heaviness. The audience couldn’t help but head bang and jump, fully immersed in the band’s sonic onslaught.

The response from the crowd was explosive when they began their rendition of Linkin Park’s “One Step Closer.” The energy in the room was intense. The band fed off the crowd’s enthusiasm and reciprocated it with their exhilarating performance.

Throughout the evening, Uncured’s interaction with the audience was genuine and captivating, which further enhanced the connection with their fans. Overall, their performance was a thrilling showcase of their musical ability and intense stage presence. With their relentless energy, the band delivered an unforgettable performance that left the crowd exhilarated. Fans can undoubtedly expect great things from Uncured as they continue to dominate the metal scene with their unique sound and riveting live shows.

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