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Volbeat and Halestorm Electrify Grantville

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Last Sunday night, the Hollywood Casino in Grantville, PA, hosted a spectacular concert featuring hard rock heavyweights Volbeat and local heroes Halestorm. Despite the rain, the energy was electric as both bands delivered unforgettable performances.

Halestorm, hailing from nearby Red Lion, PA, opened the night with a powerful set that showcased their incredible musicianship and stage presence. Their setlist included fan favorites “I Miss the Misery,” “Love Bites (So Do I),” “I Get Off,” and “Freak Like Me.”

Front woman Lzzy Hale captivated the audience with her soaring vocals and guitar prowess, while drummer Arejay Hale’s energetic solo left the crowd in awe. One of the highlights of their performance was their rendition of “I Get Off,” which featured a snippet of Heart’s “Crazy On You.” The band’s chemistry was palpable, and their connection to the local crowd made the performance even more special.

Danish rockers Volbeat took the stage next, delivering a high-octane set that had the rain-soaked crowd headbanging and singing along. Their setlist featured a mix of hits and deep cuts, including “Lola Montez,” “Shotgun Blues,” and “Becoming.”

Volbeat’s performance was a testament to their ability to blend various musical styles, from rockabilly to heavy metal, into a cohesive and electrifying sound. The band’s energy was infectious, and their connection with the audience was undeniable.

A Night of Rock ‘n’ Roll Triumph!

The Volbeat and Halestorm concert at the Hollywood Casino was a night to remember for all in attendance. Despite the rain, both bands delivered electrifying performances that showcased their immense talent and passion for their craft. As the final notes rang out, it was clear that this was a concert that would live on in the memories of those who were lucky enough to witness.



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