Gemini Syndrome rocked the Chameleon Club last night in Lancaster, PA. Openers Stitched Up Heart, 9ELECTRIC, and Decipher Life paved the way for an awesome night of hard rock entertainment.

Decipher Life, a local band out of Newville, PA, warmed up the club. Lead singer Michael Brownewell was intense and brought the audience together. The crowd loved their songs “Burn” and “Deadlock”. You can check out their EP on iTunes, Spotify, or cdbaby.

9ELECRIC lit up the night with their performance. They started off with “New God” and lead singer, Thunderwood, was out on the floor in the first few seconds of the song. The crowd was instantly addicted to them and fists started pumping. Thunderwood was very interactive with the fans; fist-bumping everyone, surfing during “More More”, out jumping in the crowd during “Take It Away”, and riding on the shoulders of a ‘giant’ during “Time Bomb”. The 9E effect is also due to Mikey Lopez with his shining silver guitar, Casey DC as root note on the bass, and Micah Electric on a colorfully illuminated drum set. Their set also included “Lies”, “Beautiful”, and “Naked” off of their newly released debut studio album, The Damaged Ones. Most impressive was how well their live performance reflected the quality of music heard on their album. Overall, they captivated the audience and put on an amazing performance.

Stitched Up Heart was up next, led by the beautiful Mixi. They started off with their single “Finally Free”, and Mixi poured her heart out on stage. The band also consists of guitarists Merrit Alfero and Nick Bredrosian, bassist Randy Mathias, and drummer James Decker. Mixi stated that she hopes their music takes people “from a dark place to a more positive place.” Throughout the show, Mixi mesmerized the crowd with backbends and whipping of her long blonde hair. The audience was further drawn in by the performance of their latest single, “Monster”. Their set also included “Never Alone”, “Catch Me When I Fall” and “City of Angels” off of their just-released debut studio album, Never Alone

Download Stitched Up Heart’s debut studio album, Never Alone on iTunes or Google Play.

Gemini Syndrome closed out the night with a solid performance from iconic lead singer Aaron Nordstrom. They performed several songs off the upcoming album, Momento Mori, including “Alive Inside”, “Anonymous”, “Remember We Die”, and their latest single, “Eternity”. Their performance was straightforward; Nordstrom front and center dressed in white, contrasted by the rest of the members in black. The band recently added two new guitarists, Daniel Sahagún and Charles Lee Salvaggio, and they complimented the group well. Gemini Syndrome also played crowd favorites “Basement”, “Pleasure and Pain”, and “Mourning Star”. The fans were enthralled by their performance and were singing along in the audience. They closed out the night with “Stardust”, the hit single from their previous album, Lux.

Gemini Syndrome will release Momento Mori, later this month which includes hit singles “Anonymous” and “Remember We Die”.  Momento Mori is available for pre-order along with several merchandise bundles via the bands PledgeMusic page as well as iTunes.


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