Recently, released their newest album, You Are We. The third full length album dropped on April 21st, and fans could not be happier with the results. is made up of Lawrence “Loz” Taylor (lead vocals), Sean Long (lead guitar and vocals), Mat Welsh (rhythm guitar, vocals, and piano), Aaran McKenzie (bass and vocals), and Adam “Sav” Savage (drums and percussion).

“You Are We” starts off with the plucking of an acoustic guitar with orchestration swelling underneath. The song builds until it comes crashing in with a powerful scream. The perfect way to opening an amazing album. Keeping up with the theme of starting off slow and building up to the song, almost every track on You Are We follows this pattern except for “Revolt” and “Civil Isolation”.

Fans of might recognize a familiar voice in “Silence Speaks”. Lead singer Oli Sykes not only did guest vocals for the song, but also offered his studio to record their album. This song is a personal favorite of mine. From the brilliantly composed lyrics to the amazing musicianship that displays. This track is balanced very well, splitting harmonies and screaming in a way that only adds to the power of this already strong piece.

Another song that stands out on You Are We is the last song of the album. “In Another Now” is a track that I have found myself listening to over and over again. With powerful lyrics such as “in another now, the words we speak, will fade away. And mean nothing to me. It means something to me”, the song evokes strong emotions.

manages to keep up their driving force of energy through the entire album. I have barely stopped headbanging, even during some of the slower parts of songs. After listening to You Are We, I am wanting nothing more than to see these amazing songs performed live. If you have not listened to You Are We yet, make sure you go do so ASAP!


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