Well I just returned from our 5 day 70s Rock and Romance Cruise on-board the Celebrity Summit, visiting ports in Jamaica and Grand Cayman. Music Headliners were STYX, America, Ambrosia, Michael McDonald, POCO, Atlanta Rythm Section, WAR, and some great tribute bands.

We had such a blast on this sold out cruise and met some awesome people. I have always acted younger than I am and listen to bands like Trivium, Sevendust, Shinedown, Seether etc. I am around the younger generation, like in there mid to late 20’s and early 30’s. But, this was different. I was surrounded by people my age 50’s to 60-70+ years old. I was in a sea of grey hairs and walkers or wheelchairs. What has happened? To my surprise, I had many things in common with them and we were all here to share in the experience and LOVE OF MUSIC from our youth. Bringing us back to easier times with no responsibilities, no children, just us being kids getting high and listening to our favorite bands. I started thinking, shit I’m old. This hit me hard because I wanted to know where the last 40 years went. I figured it out. LIFE happened. We grow up, get married, and raise our families.

I share this so that maybe you youngsters that read this will see what you might look like in 40 years It’s really not to bad. The hardest part about the younger generations is that they are polluted with so-called music that has more auto-tune than actual singing. New genres like Techno, Rap, Hip-hop. The garbage that spews out more hate towards everyone. The degradation of women, glorifying gun violence and hate. I don’t think Rap groups will be alive or around in 40 years, yet even try to put a show on like all these groups on our cruise. Can’t imagine 50+ year olds trying to Twerk, only to dislocate a hip.

Back in my day we had songs that have lasted the test of time and are still popular to this day. I hope that generations have songs like we did. It’s all about the music. When we hear songs, they take us back to happy or sad times in our life. They spark that special day that you forgot about yet the songs trigger that memory. Where you were and who you were with.

STYX was the first concert I went to back in 1977 and rocked the ship like it was 1977 all over again. They showed no signs of aging and didn’t miss a beat. Tommy Shaw and James Young still can shred guitars with the best of them. The rest of the members showed very little signs of slowing down as well.

We closed our eyes and Michael McDonald and America brought us right back to the summer concerts of our youth. We’re still humming tunes from Air Supply, War, The Guess Who, B.J. Thomas, Atlanta Rhythm Section, Badfinger featuring Joey Molland, Ambrosia, and we can still feel the energy and smile with thoughts of the performances of Queen Nation and the Bee Gees Gold and other multi-talented artists. The images are crystal clear and proof that we did stay up late for the pool-deck parties, got decked out in unbelievable costumes for theme nights, and dance with loved ones and friends – old and new – during the amazing 5 days we spent together. At times on the ship we would run in to members of the bands and they were always gracious to sign an autograph or snap a picture with them. I have many good memories from this cruise and already booked our room for next year. Foreigner, Boz Skaggs, Firefall, Little River band and others.

Now, back to my normal rock n life.


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I might be the oldest reviewer at 57 y/o but, I don’t act it. I’ve always been a Rock & Roll man. In my younger days some of my favorite bands were, RUSH, Led Zeppelin, Frank Zappa, ELP, Jeff Beck, Ted Nugent, Van Halen, Black Sabbath and many more. After seeing Ted Nugent live in Buffalo N.Y. in 1978, Cat Scratch Fever tour, I was hooked on the Rock & Roll bands. My ears haven’t stopped ringing since then, (Tinnitus).

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