The upcoming EP to be issued by will complete a trio of EPs issued by this energetic band from the UK, more particularly South Wales. This release from the pop punk band contains a total of four original songs and one radio edit version of the title track “HELL YEAH”.

Emily Bates who fronts the band reminds me, at times, of a young Dale Bozzio from Missing Persons (the 80s band that mixed hard rock and new wave). Emily has a similar signature sound that emphasizes her just do it attitude throughout. The first track, “Just Jump”, is a motivational anthem of hope with lyrics like you can “never kill my fire”. Her vocals are supported with groovy, driving licks on each track by lead guitarist Dan Fry. Every track on the EP makes room for a solo accentuating the heavier side of the band. Jade Ball is on drums with James Hardwick on bass guitar completing this relatively new band which formed in 2015.

“Hell yeah”, the title song stresses that everyone has a choice about how they are going to live their lives, “What you gonna do with the time you’re given?”. “Hold your hands up and say, ‘Hell Fuckin Yeah!’” Such a powerful and contrasting message to so many of today’s songs, I found this extremely refreshing.

The final two songs continue the upbeat and self-empowering message of independence telling us if you want something go “Get it for yourself”. The track “Own Worst Enemy” provides a heavier and more electronic sound which was a surprisingly appealing combination. Lastly, the tune “Sleep When You’re Dead” is an obvious message to live every moment to its fullest. I have to admit that I was left wanting more from the enthusiastic outburst of sounds attacking my ears.

Known for live performances, upcoming shows are unfortunately only slated for overseas. Included in their itinerary are some festival performances at Quinphonic 6, Welshfest and Concert at the Kings. For us here in the US, we can check them out via their award winning video “Rock The House” and several others available on YouTube.

After watching these, you will understand why Digital Criminals are a force to be reckoned with. I can’t wait to see what they do next!

Look for their first two EPs DARK DAYS and BURY YOUR HEAD  HERE.


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