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Silvertung is a band which burst onto the music scene in 2013. The group out of Maryland consists of lead vocalist and guitarist Speed, lead guitarist Codey, drummer Dano, and bassist Sam Sour. Their recently released album (But At What Cost??) is one to take a listen to. The first track “Dodging Bullets” has heavy guitars and gritty vocals. It’s loud and badass. The sound will make you say. “Thank God for rock ’n’ roll.” Stay with it, for it only gets better with an almost spoken word that will make you scream for more.

“Feel Inhuman” begins with a guitar riff that you will remember for a very long time; it will stick in your brain. There is strong bass and drums throughout. The vocals entice you into the lyrics in a favorable way. The song will make you bang your head; let it cover you in goodness. Another track, titled “World Gone Mad,” begins with an intense guitar and drum. The riffs alone in this song make it good. The raspy vocals added to the smart lyrics. The chorus is catchy, and will make you sing along.

The song “Wise Up” is smarter than you would think. It starts with a rowdy riff that carries throughout the song. The drums are a stand-out on this track.  It is a giant, strong song in all ways. “Black Sunset” is ferocious and screams out all rock. The quiet whisper of a voice in certain parts brings more excitement. The track “You’re Fine” rocks with its eerie beginning. It picks up with a raucous, clear, and crisp voice. The drums bring the power to this song.

The album rounds out with “Done My Best.” A deafening song with powerful, harsh vocals. This is a rowdy song and will certainly create a mosh pit. It is roaring but it’s functional sound works well altogether. The riffs stand-out against the sharp vocals and lyrics. Overall, Silvertung has created an album which will please everyone. The rigid vocals throughout give it heart. The drums bring the noise, and bass and guitars couldn’t be any better. This is a good rock album and everybody should give it a listen.

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