Year Of The Locust has just released a self-titled four-track EP. YOTL is an energetic band who have reached many fans with their good music. It begins with “Line Em Up”, which is a guitar-driving heavy track. The beginning is loud, the guitar riffs are great, and the vocals are on point. It is a hard-strong song.

“Sorry” is a more rigid song that will make your skin crawl. The eerie vocals are full of emotion and the lyrics are ferocious. The drums and voice are the standout on this track. The guitars are a little gritty and give this song a slightly ghoulish feel. This is certainly a must listen on this album.

The third track, titled “Stay Alive,” comes in soft then punches you in to outer space before transferring back to a delicateness. This track is the sweetest song on Year Of The Locust; a lighter track with a kick in the ass. “Whispers In The Dark” is the last song on this album, and it begins with a guitar riff that will bring a tear to your eye. The lyrics are clear, meaningful, and hauntingly emotional. The track makes you want to give anyone another chance, no matter what it takes from you to do so. This entire song is the best on the album. Overall, with only four tracks Year Of The Locust packs a punch to the ears and your heart. They’ve come together with a hauntingly good EP and it’s unbelievable that all of them are good. Year Of the Locust is energetic in concert too. I look forward to hearing more from them, now and in the future.

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