Fellover My Own is the new album from A Delicate Motor out of Ohio. This is an album which is full of surprises for the ear. The first track, titled “Do For Self,” is soft, relaxing, and there is what sounds like a clock ticking. When it picks up, the piano is beautiful. It ends with the same sound of what may be a clock ticking. The tone is good.

“Man On Fire” throws you into a psychic dream that you want to be inside. It begins with a hypnotizing softness, then picks up into a lyrical track which carries the song well. It is a wonderful track to hear. The track “Durham” has a trance sound; a relaxing trance song. It is good, some may say it reminds them of Armin Van Buuren. If you do not know him, then educate yourself. A great beat makes it strong track in all ways.

Another song to listen to is “Sages,” for it has a sense of urgency in the music. The vocals are velvety. This is a fascinating track that will draw you into the world of A Delicate Motor. The final song is titled “Carry Us” and it will transport you to another distant plane of existence. The piano makes it comfortable as well as transcending. It is an alluring track which rounds out the album splendidly.

Overall, it is a heart-warming album which will make you all fuzzy inside. All tracks are exquisitely composed. The production and engineering are fantastic and help to make the album imaginative. If you want to listen to an album and become captivated, then do not pass up Fellover My Own.

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