Photo Credit: T. Cody Strubel

Crazy Town // Nu-Metal Madness 2 // Lovedraft’s Brewing Co // 4/16/2023 (PHOTOS)

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T. Cody Strubel is the founder of Rock Documented, a platform he established in September 2015. As the Lead Photographer, Writer, and Editor, Cody has been instrumental in shaping the site's content and visual aesthetic. His exceptional work in music photography was recognized by the Central Pennsylvania Music Hall of Fame, where he was voted "Best Photography" at their inaugural event. Cody's equipment of choice includes two Nikon D850s, a Nikon 22-70mm 2.8 VR, a Nikon 70-200mm 2.8 VR, and a Black Rapid Shoulder Strap. His passion for music and photography, combined with his commitment to promoting local talent, makes him a vital voice in the Central Pennsylvania music scene.

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