Soul Miners Union Release ‘Brothers From Different Roots’

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To be fully transparent, I want you to know that I approached this review blind, having never heard any music from Soul Miners Union. Let’s take a look at their five track EP, Brothers from Different Roots.

“Searching For Home” contains some savage guitar playing which is driving, ominous and completely compliments the fierce vocals. A great all-around track.

“Good Times” is a showcase guitar piece. The vocals feel like an afterthought, with the guitar riffs at center stage. They put a strong, highly individual stamp on the music.

“Love of Illusion” contains unpretentious playing and restrained vocals that skillfully pull you in and leave you wanting more. The track is perfect for relaxing in a cozy armchair with a drink in your hand and an old dog on your lap. The music has a mystical, comfortable feel to it, like Pink Floyd mixed with Butterfield Blues.

“Mad Hatter” is an instrumental piece with very impressive drum work. Similar to the previous track, it also has a comfortable and pleasant tone, reminiscent of a bygone day. It brings to mind the backbeat playing of Fred Below, who is rhythmically one of the best.

“Broken Dreams” begins softly, like a sweet breeze, until the vocals arrive, gruff and coarse, turning the gentle breeze into a whirlwind, barely contained. At some points it’s straddling that fine line between perfection and chaos.

On the right night, in the right atmosphere, this EP will be my go-to for contemplative reflection. It has the ability to make me just zone out and look inwards. For me, that’s one of the defying characteristics of a great blues band. Another interesting thing about this EP is the duality that shines through. There are definitely some stylistic differences between the songs. The guitar heavy, dark lyric tracks are in stark transition to softer numbers with more memorable lyrics. The differences in this EP compliment each other and serve up a great listening experience. I’ll give this EP two big thumbs-up. I leave you with the wish that you enjoy it as much as I did!

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