Manifesto is Seasons After’s latest album. This high-energy rock group has created an album that is a must have! The band is made up of Tony Housh (lead vocals), James Beattie (lead guitar/ backing vocals), Chris Dawson (rhythm guitar), Ryan Kennedy (bass), and Nicholas Denham (drums). Some of the most stand-out songs on the album for me are “From The Edge”, “Fighter”, “Into The Ether”, and “Falling”.


The album begins with “From the Edge” and it drew me in from the start. An ominous tone begins the track before leading into some powerful guitar riffs and vocals. The perfect way to set up this headbanging album.

My personal favorite track of the album is the second song, “Fighter”. The driving beat of the drums helps to emphasize and highlight Housh’s vocals. “Fighter” produces strong images that are impossible not to love. This song is a must have on any workout playlist.

The song that stands out most on Manifesto is “Into the Ether”. This purely instrumental song is beyond beautiful. Not only does this song sound amazing, but it leaves the track open for interpretation. Another notable song is “Falling”. This track has a different vibe than that of the others on the album. The beginning of the song brings back the ominous tones of “From the Edge” but then pulls in some underlying orchestral strings to help set the mood for the rest of the song.

Each song has a slightly different vibe, but comes together to make a cohesive album. I enjoyed listening to every tack on Manifesto. If you don’t have this album already, you need to go purchase it ASAP! I highly recommend it!

The album can be purchased via AmazonGoogle, iTunes, and everywhere else great music is sold.



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