In the middle of a search for some new music? Then make sure you listen closely, because Rock Documented has the album for you! After being signed to Revival Records, released their debut album, Love Notes and Highways. was started back in 2015 in New Jersey and currently consists of Jimmy Ruggiero (vocals), Mike Williams (guitar), Joe Mascio Jr (bass), and Anthony Caggiano (drums).

Setting the tone for the album is “Save Me from Myself”. Though it is the shortest track on the album, it in no way minimizes its importance on the album as a whole. “Save Me from Myself” also gives listeners a quick introduction to the band’s style in the best way possible. Ruggiero’s voice along with the ominous music gives the track a haunting feel, something that plays with in each song on the album.

The next song on the album, “All Used Up” tells the story of a toxic relationship. “I tried so hard to win you back but the pain that you caused me, left me sick, so sick of all the lies and the nights between your thighs I’m not going back”. These lyrics show the end of the relationship and the scars that have been left in its place. The repetition of the lyrics throughout the song also emphasizes reluctance to get back into the relationship; it is as if they are trying to talk themselves out of going back.

“Dead and Buried” is the perfect follow-up to “All Used Up”. It is continuing with the storyline of getting out of a toxic relationship and finding yourself in a new one. The new relationship, however, suffers because of the wounds left behind from the toxic one. “I can’t feel a thing anymore. She left me broken on the floor. (One foot through the door) I can’t help to think that you’re a cheat and a liar. Just be real with me again. I can’t afford to lose a friend”. Following the trend, “Goodbye Forever” and “To Whom It May Concern” play with the toxic love story.

Rounding out Love Notes and Highways, is “Beautiful Tragedy”. This song has an acceptance vibe to it. “Looking back on all the times we had in the dark, always knew we were destined to fall apart right from the start”. With lyrics like these, it feels as though is beginning to come to terms with the pain from the toxic relationship, moving in the direction of healing. What better way to close this storyline than on a note of hope?

Love Notes and Highways is a brilliantly composed album. plays with the same idea, but adds something new with each song. Fans of My Chemical Romance will fall in love with Ruggiero’s vocals and lyrics guaranteed! With the short track list, you will be begging for more by the time you finish the album. is definitely a band that you will need to keep an eye on!


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