The Ataraxis meaning is defined astranquil, serene or a state of peace of mind.  The debut EP by seems anything but laid back, its heavy melodic metal produces an involuntary head bang from the first track “Euthanize”.  It seems that this quartet wants to take you to that place where music transcends you to another level to explore your own thoughts in your own peace of mind with its intelligent lyrics.

The first single “Area”, which has an accompanying official video, is a groovy and haunting tune begging you to search for what makes you feel at home or comfortable in your own skin.

Like I said, these are not irrelevant pop songs about frivolous topics like whipping your hair.  These are deep probing anthems that make you want to pound your fist and question the status quo at the same time.  Most of the words have been crafted by lead singer Cesar (no last name) and his cousin Joe Scarlotti who plays a wizard of OZ like role behind the scenes.  Max Georgiev is on Guitar, Eloy Palacios (Bass) and Jake Hayden (Drums) make up the thrashing rhythm section.

“Becoming” will be the next official video and single.  This one was my favorite with the high octane in your face thunderous lyrics consuming my mind long after its conclusion.  The other three tracks, “Rorschach”, “Ataraxis” and “Low” continue to exemplify the philosophical influences of idols such as Soundgarden and Alice and Chains. Even the titles stimulate you to reference sources like Wikipedia to help dissect what the song meaning may symbolize.

Ataraxis will be available for public consumption on May 4, 2018.  The band from Los Angeles plans to follow up the release with a tour to be announced soon.  Look for them in Bandsintown so you don’t miss what will surely be a mind piercing experience.

Ataraxis will be available on iTunes HERE!

Track Listing:
1). Euthanize
2). Area
3). Becoming
4). Rorschach
5). Ataraxis
6). Low

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