The recently released and self-titled EP by combines alt rock, pop, and electronica into catchy groves that make you want to sing along. The fist track “Chuck the Bass” had me bopping my head and tapping my toes involuntarily. This was followed by the “Defender” which is also the first official video to support the collection of songs full of emotion. In particular, this track emphasizes the falsetto in lead singer, Ray Hikari’s, voice. He uses it with haunting shaman like power drawing you into his story telling.

The band stated that “Our Souls” was one of the most personal songs for them. They powerfully tell us how our souls cannot be sold in the materialist world we live in today. The stand out for me was “Everything I Am”, an angelic hymn-like tune. This powerful love song full of commitment and passion made me think, what a great first dance song this could be for those looking for something special as part of their nuptials. Finally, the EP ends with “Tonight” another intensely personal statement.

I found it very impressive that these talented lads could work on their collaboration from afar. Ray Hakari in Japan, Mario Simonovsky (Bass) in the UK and Kay Erodotou (Guitar) in the US. The dedication and drive they have for their artistry is evident in the fact that they produced/mixed/directed/edited and animated their own work. Describing their roots, they cite influences from Linkin Park, My Chemical Romance and Muse and have drawn comparisons to Young Guns and PVRIS from the critics. For those wanting to experience the feels and be inspired, this debut EP by Distant Bonds is for you.


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