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Our Untold Story is an alternative rock band out of Stockholm, Sweden with a new release titled My Dreams My Rules, released on June 3. It is in time for summer airplay on many platforms. Their story begins in 2012 and since has formulated five EP/album releases.

“Sexy Blonde” is a song which has a catchy guitar riff throughout with hot lyrics. The drums pick up the beat throughout the song. It has a good guitar solo in the middle which is reminiscent to those from the late ‘80s and ’90s. Overall, a nice song which has an eerie vibrancy to it.

Another track, titled “3 AM Boy,” seems more like a strange dream than that of a song. Don’t get me wrong, the song is good. It’s lyrics are a little different, but they makes sense. A good beat with an underly of bass works well with the pounding of the drums. It is interesting how the vocals almost echo at times in the song. My only advice is to not listen to this song after drinking too much, it could be bad. But, depending on your taste it could be a fun time. This is a fun and good song that will be a nice addition to any playlist.

“No Regrets” begins with a lovely vocal followed by a simple beat, but it isn’t a simple song. There is a good change up in beats going from a slower to faster. The song is quick and is over too soon, but it works well and is good.

Another song, “Mother Of Rock ‘N’ Roll” is the stand out on the album. It begins with a quickness that lasts throughout the song. There is a slower beat in the middle but picks right up to the quick beat again.  It is all rock. The drums, guitars, and bass in this song works with the vocals which have a delicate graspiness to them. The instruments are played well, and it has the best beat on the album.

“Go For Broke” has a raspy beat that is sounds more punk than alternative rock. A little bit of what can be best described as dirty guitar runs throughout the song. It is what makes this sound a little punk. It is a good song with a catchy beat to tap the foot to. The guitar solo is a little dirty which makes it sound sexy. The drumming is impressive at the end. This is alternative rock that can stand on its own. Reminiscent of Dead Kennedys, Our Untold Story will make you want more rock. The album’s overall feel is one that is part mellow and part ready to rock. This is one that is good for party playlists or long drives in your car. Our Untold Story will be played throughout the summer. Check them out, no disappointments on this album.

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