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The Lovedraft’s Chronicles – When Worlds Collide

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On August 4th, 2023, Lovedraft’s in Mechanicsburg, PA, became the epicenter of rock as Husk, Eternal Frequency, Priest, Julien-K, and Powerman 5000 graced the stage, presenting an electrifying lineup of performances. This unforgettable concert experience, presented by 717 Entertainment and hosted by IROCK RADIO, unfolded within Lovedraft’s renowned intimate ambiance and exceptional acoustics, further enhancing the impact of the night.

Husk: The Scarecrow Society Rises

Husk, a masked nu-metal band from Eastern Pennsylvania, opened the night with their ferocious sound. Comprised of Crow, Owl, Raven, and Vulture, Husk’s performance was a high-energy display of their unique blend of nu-metal and hard rock. Their latest music video, “Shadows,” showcases the band’s captivating visual aesthetic.

Eternal Frequency: High-Octane Hard Rock

Next up was Eternal Frequency, a hard rock band founded in 2018 in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Fronted by the powerful vocals of Emelle, the band delivered a high-octane performance that showcased their innovative and honest approach to music. Their latest music video, the final chapter of the “Step Up” Trilogy, “War,” demonstrates this masterfully.

Priest: Synthwave Meets Gothic Soundscapes

Swedish synthwave act Priest, featuring former members of Grammy Award-winning rock act Ghost, took the stage with their unique blend of 80’s sci-fi and gothic soundscapes. Comprised of Mercury, Salt, and Sulfur, the band’s performance was a mesmerizing display of their dark and melodic sound. Their latest music video, “A Signal In The Noise,” can be found on YouTube.

Julien-K: Electronic Rock Pioneers

Emerging from Long Beach, California, the electronic rock collective Julien-K, formed by founding Orgy member’s Amir Derakh and Ryan Shuck alongside Anthony ‘Fu’ Valcic, mesmerized the audience with their groundbreaking music; seamlessly fusing electronic elements with hard rock, resulting in a distinctive and unforgettable performance. The band’s latest music video, “Your Tears Mean Nothing,” immerses viewers in a dystopian visual tale, skillfully weaving eerie aesthetics with their iconic electronic rock ambiance.

Powerman 5000: Sci-Fi Industrial Rock Titans

Headlining the night was Powerman 5000, who delivered a powerhouse performance that left the audience electrified. With their signature blend of industrial rock and futuristic vibes, the band kicked off the night with a bang, launching into hits like “When Worlds Collide” and “Supernova Goes Pop,” igniting a collective frenzy. Throughout the night, they seamlessly weaved through their discography, treating fans to the adrenaline-fueled “Bombshell” and the introspective “Free.” As the show reached its zenith, the crowd erupted to classics like “Nobody’s Real” and “Tonight the Stars Revolt!,” each note resonating with the spirit of the night. Powerman 5000’s performance was an unmissable journey, melding music and energy in a way that’s distinctly their own.

In recap, the concert at Lovedrafts in Mechanicsburg, PA, featuring performances by Husk, Eternal Frequency, Priest, Julien-K, and Powerman 5000, emerged as a mesmerizing display of hard rock prowess, captivating the audience. From Husk’s captivating visuals to Eternal Frequency’s commanding vocals, Priest’s fusion of synthwave and gothic landscapes, Julien-K’s electronic rock fusion, and Powerman 5000’s sci-fi industrial rock, the event served as a testament to the expansive and inventive landscape of hard rock music, while also highlighting Lovedraft’s ever-expanding influence within this industry scene.


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