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Alright everyone, are back!!! Let’s face facts, this is not your mom and dad’s kind of band, then again it depends on your mother and father. Pretty in Kink is the name of their newest release. It is filled with all the delightful debauchery that we all know and love! I mean this in the most loving way possible. This band is that good!

The techno/industrial sound of this band is by far some of the best in the world. have been around for about three decades now. I remember back in the late eighties when I first heard this band, it was like nothing I had heard before. I mean, I enjoy EDM and metal, so this fit is perfect for me.

The first track is titled “Break Me”, it does break you into wanting more. The song itself, is an eerie melodic track that is heavily electronic keyboard heaven. The drums are incredible to the point of being a focus. Beautiful harsh vocals encompass the raw sound. This is truly talent going on right from the first track. “Sex Cam Girl” fits great into the tech world today, it is a track that is a great beat. The song is going to be the song that makes you want to be a little naughty. Lyrics like “I’ll make you cum” will make any lady want to pull out a vibe. This is the raw sexuality of that makes them so wonderful. Don’t get me wrong, the straight forward, blunt song that it is has some of the best beats that I’ve heard in a while. Great song to dance to.

While on the idea of dance, “Flow Juice” is a track that gets you moving. Almost to a rap vocals will envelop you into a world of your wild twenties again. Unfortunately, my twenties were not that wild. The instruments in “Flow Juice” are what a great beat is made of. That much I want this song to be played in every club in the US, Europe, and Asia- it is that good to dance to. Let’s make this happen!

“Like Pablo Escobar” is a notable song. It has a strong beat. Besides I may never get to say Pablo Escobar in an album review again. Moving on, “Before the Night is Over” is a track that will change the mind of anyone who doesn’t like industrial or EDM. The message of free your mind throughout the song is what is needed today. The quiet vocals make it more erotic sounding, as well as a very calming song. “Goldfinger”(no it is not James Bond on vocals) is very chill in the presentation. Melodic and harmonious throughout. The guitar is excellent! The beat has great changes when it comes to slowing or heavy. have seemed to have mastered the beat changes on this song. A great song to add to any playlist.

“My Demons are Inside” is a track that will make one re-think their minds. The soft beginning is a beautiful reminder to calm yourself. The lyrics and vocals are pleasurable to hear. The beat that is more of a dance house beat that reminds of old school EDM when it was made by good musicians playing instruments. The techno is heavily heard in this song. The thing that makes so special is all throughout this track. The last track of the album, “We are the Freaks”, is a reminder that it is OK to be different. Actually, it is more fun to be a bit freaky from time to time. From the sound of thunderstorm to the deep, dark, eerie vocals this is a song that will give the industrial world a boost into the atmosphere. The harsh sound in the middle provides a different sound which can be brought in many ways when playing instruments. A good song to get freaky to!

The moment you push play on this album you notice a change in your feelings. It is not a sad feeling but an uplifting one. I take away from this album a feeling of hope. A hope that it is alright to be a little different. There is more than the outside to people, it matters more what’s on the inside. I spent a long time being someone I wasn’t, and I am thankful I no longer do that. It taught me it isn’t worth it. Being yourself is good. Pretty in Kink is a good album from a band that deserves more credit than it receives. They are some of the best techno/industrial bands who have been putting out music for decades. This album kind of makes me feel old, but I am 45 so maybe I am. I don’t care though, this is music and it is what makes the world go around just like love does. This album will bring lots of love. will bring the love in 2019 with their tour too. Listen with a martini an enjoy!

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