The band from Rhode Island has a heart-pounding sound that pushes boundaries. have a unique sound of rock that is all their own. This is good to have with a band that does not play by the rules in present society. I find in the present time there are bands that do not take a
risk to explore a different sound. It becomes boring and repetitive after a while. It’s like they find a formula that works and they stick with it.
It creates boredom with listeners like me.

You Won’t Get What You Want is an album that is a rock experiment. It is what the band wants. The first song is “City Song” and it is an eerie song that will wake you up and waking you up is what this album does best. “The Flammable Man” is a song that is on fire, in a good way. The loudness of the beginning will make you want to groove. It has an infectious sound all through the rest of the song. Another notable song is “Less Sex”. It has an undeniable relatable sound that is daunting to the soul. It is a song that will stick in your head. In my opinion, this song is my favorite on the album. Moving on down the track listing, “The Reason They Hate Me” has a feel to it that will leave you wanting more punk. “Guest House” is straight up punk rock and I love how it rounds out the album nicely.

Overall this is an avaunt guard style of album. The lyrics and vocals are good. The drums, bass, guitars are all good. The sound may not be for everyone but give it a listen before dismissing it. It is some of the most unique rock music out there at this moment. Cheers and enjoy!

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