The first full-length metal album out of New Jersey’s , titled Revelations, will have everyone banging heads. This is an album filled with something for everyone. Revelations reveals songs that will make your heart race and you’ll want to see them live just to feel the energy. The tracks are quick and they have a sound that is filled with good guitars throughout. The drums and vocals are harsh. It is truly a metal album.

The track “Astral Projection” is heart-pounding and will make you want to play guitar and drums. The lyrics are good, vocals are decent, and it’s an all-around good song.  “Bloodlines” is an eclectic musical experiment and will make you scream from the drums alone. This song is a definite standout out of these seven tracks.

“Naraka” has a beautiful dream-like beginning then leads into a hard, slamming, balls to the wall metal that will excite any metal fan. The rhythm is nice and the end goes back into the almost dream-like world. This is nice to hear. The final track, “Reflections,” is the best track on the album. It has great guitars, good bass, good drums, and is lyrically thoughtful. This is for the thinkers of metal.

This is a metal album. If you are not a metal head, at least give it a listen. is one of those bands that will both make you think and make you smile. The album will surprise some who are typically not into metal but want something different. This is head banging music. Many people think that there is only one kind of metal genre and this album proves that this is not true. Revelations is sure to be added to added to many metal fan’s playlist.

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