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Growing up in Italy an Ireland, Mimmo Ripa is a quite talented musician playing bass, guitar and songwriting. This album, Souvenirs, is one that will make new fans all over the world. “You Are All It Is” begins with an eeriness that draws you in. The vocals have a slight raspiness that is reminiscent of the early grunge movement in the early nineties. The track has a dreary sound, which lends to the vocals and lyrics to make it worth a listen. The song “Sweet & Sour” is a must hear and is the one song on the album with an alternative chill vibe. The lyrics are strong with a grittiness in vocals. The music however, is relaxing and makes you want to sit back and listen. The soft airiness in this alternative song with grunge qualities will inspire.

“Souvenir,” the title track, is a beautifully written lyrical which, if listened to closely, will bring a tear to your eye. The alternative music can be compared to The Cure. It has an emo and goth sound that will fill you with emotion. The darkness of this track is good; it is the type of darkness that will be ingrained in the brain. The last song which rounds out this twelve-track album is titled “Up Here.” It’s interesting though because this is a second time this track appears on the album. A longer version of “Up Here” makes an appearance early on. This final one is just as good as the first. The song has a ghostly feel with the vocals in a low, graceful tone that will make your skin crawl. Good instrumentals add to the overall emotion of the song.

While the overall feel of Souvenirs is alternative, a grunge influence can be heard throughout. Grunge is making a comeback in music, only it is a new sound of grunge, which is better. Overall, this album will be one to chillax to, so to speak. The guitars, bass, and drums are played with passion. Take a listen and get lost in translation.

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