Hailing out of Seattle, Spirit Award released Muted Crowd which is an almost therapeutically made album. This psych rock will make it seem like you have had a good therapy session. “Witching Hour” begins this ten-song album with a great beat of the drums. Captivating vocals with a strong psychedelic music behind them make this a dreamy track. This is a good way to begin the album and makes you anxious to hear the rest of Muted Crowd.  The track titled “Wasting Time” is an alternative fantasy with a plasticity sound. The idea of wasting time is something we all have dealt with in our lives. Time to time we all think we are wasting time. The instruments are played well, the drums have the beat that is kept by bass as well as a guitar.


“Swim” is not a song about swimming lessons. The track is a new wave daydream which quenches your thirst but makes you thirsty for more. When listening, you notice the keyboards along with a nice bass line throughout the track. Daydreams are great especially when they are unexpected in a song. The track “Have What You Want” is something that has a flexibility to its musical sound. It is upbeat and a little more happy than other tracks. It is what could be considered the fun song on Muted Crowd. The bass line is prominent on this track. The drums are loud and boisterous. The vocals are melodic and hold on to the soft dream like vocals. This is one of the stand outs on this album.

Overall, this album seems like a new wave hallucination of a psychedelic dream. It has nice melodies, good lyrics, and great instruments. This is what a new way to listen to alternative is meant to be during this timeline. Life is hard and sometimes it is good to have an escape. Muted Crowd from Spirit Award is a nice daydream to escape to anytime.

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