Megalith means a very large, rough stone used in prehistoric cultures as a monument or building block.  This album is definitely going to be a building block for 9Electric’s credibility as a solid rock and roll band.  The quartet from LA has given us a monumental effort with their latest full length release.

To get things started, 9Electric released the single “The Light,” prior to Megalith’s drop date and it features Carla Harvey from the Butcher Babies.  The song gets us amped up for what will come from the rest of the album. The video released at the same time highlights the talents of Ron Underwood as not only a vocalist, but also as a producer, since he directed, shot, and edited the superhero inspired cinematic action.

The first track, “No Evil” gives us heavy riffs from Mikey Lopez and shows off the vocal power of Ron Underwood.

“I Don’t Want to Be” off of Gavin DeGraw’s 2004 debut album is a cover with the signature 9Electric touch of creativity.  This interpretation puts a gritty, rocking, twist on this former top-forty hit. It is so cleverly done it is almost unrecognizable from its previous life.

“Diabolical” emphasizes the evil on this album. It has driving guitars and is definitely a song that those struggling with a difficult relationship can relate to.  The entire Megalith compilation is meant to be an interpretation of good and evil forces. All of the songs on this disk illustrate the push and pull of these opposites in one form or another.

“Disposable Love” is smooth and silky, almost reggae like, and gives us a minute to catch our breath from all the head banging, rocking out we have done with the prior six tunes.

“Nothing 2 Lose” was the most surprising departure on the album.  I almost forgot that I was listening to 9Electric because it was so different than the songs heard prior.  This was a demonstration of the creativity and risk the band is willing to take. I loved its modern sound!

The album ended by ramping back up with “Dragging Me Down” and “Outta Control”.  Both of these again highlighting the thought provoking lyrics and crushing guitar licks we heard earlier in the album.

Mikey Lopez and Ron Underwood wrote all of the songs on the album.  They took the band back to their roots of honest rock and roll. The album, which is their third full length endeavor, was produced by Shawn McGhee.  We get 12 morsels of goodness in 41 minutes of pure rock and roll bliss. The album was started in 2018 and includes two new members, Ginny Eck on bass and Caleb Hill on Drums.  The addition of Ginny adds a nice touch with her backing vocals noticeable throughout.

Megalith is ready for this civilization and will be a crowd pleaser for true fans of grinding, gritty, blood pumping rock and roll.  The LA foursome are scheduled to perform at a record release party in their hometown at Bar Sinister on Saturday, April 13th and will no doubt be out supporting their new tunes soon.

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Heavy and Metal have been my preferred genre as long as I can remember. Lucky for me I live in the LA area where lots of bands start their career playing at such world famous venues as the Whiskey and the Roxy. I often visit those venues to check out new and sometimes not so new bands. I have been known to travel to festivals all over the US to spend time with my rock and roll family. Music is my addiction and I will go far and often to get my fix.

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