If you’re feeling a little hopeless and lost, I have found a band for you!  Awake at Last is a band that wants to be known as a shining light of positivity in this oftentimes dismal and dark world.  They are about to release their first full length album, The Change on June 21st.  This collection will be their follow up to the EP Life/Death/Rebirth and, in fact, it is meant to be a sequel with a character who is reborn and living through multiple lives and experiencing a revolution.

The Change is a solid, consistent piece of work that holds the listeners interest throughout.  It starts out with a short intro entitled, “Rebirth”. Clearly this is the tie into the previous EP.  Track 2, “Welcome to Life” bursts out as a continuation of the intro. This track immediately rouses us and introduces us to the heavy riffs we will experience from guitarists Imran Xhelili and Eric Blackway.  Next, “More Than Animals” exposes us to the range of lead singer Vincent Torres’ pipes.

All of these tunes have an overall heavy/metal vibe with lots of sing a long hooks.  “Dead Generation” was the first single released and has a companion video. It is catchy and has a great message encouraging us all to use our voices and make choices that will help us live to our fullest potential.  It is a wakeup call for a generation who can often feel oppressed and disenfranchised.

“Unobtainable” has a heavy beat which highlights the rhythms of Jon Finney on drums.  The band from Dover, DE continue to push the concept of their character with this tune focusing on the love/hate cycle with love of self-winning out.  “My Enemy” asks us why can’t we believe in our enemy. Again, the theme of hope and spiritualism permeating.

“The Change” is currently getting airplay on SiriusXM Octane radio.  Guest vocals from Spencer Charnas of Ice Nine Kills adds depth and character to this song that is a catalyst for taking ownership of how your fate can play out.  Rather than sitting back and waiting, take control and be the change you hope for. Gandhi philosophy at its finest.

The disk ends with “Fallen Stars” and blends all the premium elements of what Awake at Last brings to the table, beautiful poetry, meaningful lyrics, heavy riffs, orchestral instruments, and catchy hooks to name a few.  The album is produced by Kile Odell (Failure Anthem) and Josh Landry. It has been years in the making. The band was steadfast in their desire to have solid tunes with no filler on this release. They have succeeded. If you need a pick me up and some inspiration in your life, be first in line on June 21st to get this into your rotation, maybe even repeat.

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Heavy and Metal have been my preferred genre as long as I can remember. Lucky for me I live in the LA area where lots of bands start their career playing at such world famous venues as the Whiskey and the Roxy. I often visit those venues to check out new and sometimes not so new bands. I have been known to travel to festivals all over the US to spend time with my rock and roll family. Music is my addiction and I will go far and often to get my fix.

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