Jacksonville, Florida is where it all began for 100 Watt Vipers. The year was 2013, and now after six years and three albums let’s hear what the guys have to say.

Rock Documented: How would you describe your sound for those who haven’t heard of the band?

Paul Joseph: Very stripped down organic. Hard garage blues…very 3 chord…

RD: Where did the name 100 Watt Vipers come from?

Joseph: Good question, but whenever we get asked that I’m honest and always say alcohol was involved…lol

RD: Does the new album, Holy Water, have a theme?

Joseph: Not really…we just write about what we know and see with our friends and life you know.

RD: What was the recording process like?

Joseph: We record very fast. I have my own small studio and we don’t use pro-tools. So, we record very old school and it’s always great to hear the songs and tones come to life. We try to go as analog as possible with somewhat vintage gear.

RD: Do you have a favorite song?

Joseph: I really like “Aces High” and “The Traveler”

RD: What is next for 100 Watt Vipers?

Joseph: Were putting together a Southeast tour/string of dates at the moment to support the Holy Water release. Hopefully starting end of March thru May.

Thank you very much for the questions…..Paul Joseph/100 Watt Vipers.

100 Watt Vipers is a band that many may consider an overnight success, but they aren’t. They have continued to release good albums over six years. Let their music satisfy your soul.

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